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This is a guide to creating a Family tree that can be viewed in a web-browser in a convenient way by allowing zooming in and out and navigating the image of the tree.

How ?

Installation of necessary tools

  1. Install swftools: [1]
  2. use the Graphviz plugin to generate a graphical report (see Howto: Make a relationship chart)

Generation of Flash file

Flash is a proprietary format, of which however open implementations exist. You have to install a flash player and a browser plugin, to be able to view a flash file in firefox, konqueror, ...

You can create the flash file as follows:

  1. If the report image is called "report.png", execute "png2swf -o report.swf report.png" on the command line.
  2. There should now be a file report.swf, that can be opened in any browser with a flash-plugin. You can zoom by right-clicking in the image and choosing zoom in from the menu, and you can navigate by "dragging the image" inside the window with your mouse.

This has been done with the resulting family tree of Example 2 on Howto: Make a relationship chart. To see the result, open the file ancestorsAndDescedants.swf with a flash enabled browser, and test it out.


  • It is also possible to use javascript to add zooming by moving the mouse wheel, but he who did it does not remember how at the moment.
  • The .dot file generated in example 3 on Howto: Make a relationship chart seems to contain the web-page addresses to the personal pages of the "Narrative Webpage" report pages, and it would be nice to have links from inside the flash-application to the personal homepages. I do not know if this is possible.