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Bem-vindo ao Gramps
Gramps é um projeto de Software Livre para Genealogia, disponibilizando um programa profissional e uma wiki aberta a todos. Ele é um projeto comunitário, criado, desenvolvido e mantido por genealogistas.
  • Instalação: Instale o Gramps (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) agora mesmo. O Gramps funciona em Linux, MAC OS X, e Windows. Estão disponíveis guias de instalação para todos os três (mais BSD e Solaris).
  • Extensões: Amplie as funcionalidades do Gramps com a adição de plugins criados por terceiros. Eles incluem muitos filtros, ferramentas, relatórios, modos de visualização, páginas web e Gramplets.
  • Documentação: Leia o manual do usuário e as análises, descubra as funcionalidades do Gramps, aprenda com exemplos ou melhor o seu conhecimento sobre o Gramps com tutoriais.
  • Genealogia: Aprenda mais sobre genealogia, quais são as melhores fontes, onde encontrar informações, como armazená-las, ...?
O software Gramps

O Gramps é um programa de genealogia para Windows, Linux, Mac OS X e outros sistemas baseados no UNIX. Ele ajuda-o a controlar sua árvore genealógica, permitindo-lhe armazenar, editar e pesquisar informações genealógicas. Aprenda mais.

Páginas sobre genealogia

Nós possuímos a seção Genealogia para publicação e compartilhamento de dicas, truques e as melhores práticas sobre genealogia.

Mais informações
  • Esta wiki tem no momento 1,873 páginas de conteúdo.
  • Você encontrou um erro no Gramps? Por favor, relate-o.
  • Você está interessado em saber o que pensam os desenvolvedores do Gramps? Então leia o blog.
  • Está disponível um portal da comunidade para todos os assuntos relacionados ao projeto Gramps, assim como uma enquete.
  • Se você quiser aprender como contribuir para esta wiki, leia a ajuda.
  • Se remanescerem dúvidas, não deixe de nos contactar.
 Gramps 4.1.2 (The "That's no ordinary rabbit", maintenance release) released.

Gramps team releases version 4.1.2.

  • 8134: Error converting python2 utf-8 strings to python3 str when loading data from database
  • 8055 8344: Removing a parent place from a place leaves a dangling reference
  • 7274: Error during checking the database
  • 7930: Stubborn blank space in database won't be removed, fix removing rows in flat list views
  • 7844: Database upgrade fails if default media path is not set
  • 8152: Error converting database after upgrade to Gramps 4.1.1
  • 8020: Error in a single place within the places section
  • Improvements and fixes to editors
    • 8125: Entries from the add-or-choose selector of Place/Source/Media/Note cannot be dragged
    • 8058 8056: Enclosing places tab should work like other similar tabs, new place reference editor
    • 8095: Association editor refuses dropped persons
    • 8149: Error on opening twice an object from clipboard
    • 8350: Incorrect spacing in export assistant file chooser
    • 5150: new Event types are saved as a disordered list
    • 7770: Always display main participants
    • 8057 7942: Place titles can now be generated on-the-fly by a place displayer, default is still to use the place title field
  • 8347: GEDCOM import of embedded notes attached to media does not work
  • 7866: Crash on .ged import; consistent.
  • 7014: Errors handling owner/submitter information in GEDCOM files. Only import researcher from GEDCOM or XML if the family tree was originally empty.
  • 8283: GEDCOM export does not export media attached to citations.
  • 8102: The fanchart view crashes if max generation is set to 1 away.
  • 7860: Sidebar Filters do not match placetypes in new placeview, two new filter rules (HasTitle, HasData)
  • 7299: Fix bug when family has no parents
  • 8233: Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event
  • 7362 8103: some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter
  • 8037: Improvements and fixes to the Geography category
    • 7149: Views in Geography should not always use the last option set by the user
    • 8327: Request for keyboard-controlled zoom on Geography view
    • 8142: Error geography view - Displaying main menu
    • 7948: Configure screen needs a file selector to select directory for "offline mode" files
    • 7615 8314: Filter panel on geography view displays improperly
  • Fix on plugins, reports, tools
    • 8320: Detailed descendant report crashes, bibliography (citations)
    • 8240: Can't disable box shadow in SVG descendant tree
    • 8237: Descendant tree graphical report, syntax error in svg output
    • 8184: Regression: Complete Individual report has partially-untranslated output
    • 6435: Events Page in Narrative Report not working
    • 8185: Gramps freeze after defining a report style with German cm values
    • 8234: Various problems with docgen.TextDoc.add_media_object
    • 6355: Report event attribute name is not translated
  • Fix to gramplets
    • 8119: Records Gramplet uses wrong text
    • 7865: Closing detached gramplet causes python to crash
    • 8353: Cannot reduce size of gramplets detached from a gramplet bar
    • 8351: Gramplets don't fill window when detached from dashboard
    • 8157: ImageMetadata doesn't show metadata
    • 8267: typo on GLib call, used by an addon only
    • 7604: Fix error setting gramplet tab label
    • 7533: Check for active person in session log gramplet
  • 8196: Spurious spaces in CLI List Family Trees, tab delimited output. Print statements changed to assemble the whole line before output.
  • 8029: Gtk3 warning and custom undoableentry widget, see bugzilla_id 644927
  • 8126: Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme icon. Fix: database manager dialog is inconsistent for older gtk+3 versions. Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme icon. Fix: Error loading theme icon 'gtk-apply'
  • 7857: gramps fails to start with gtk+-3.13.3
  • 8242: Places in data.gramps are not in the new Place hierarchy
  • Upgrade the version of some dependencies for Mac OS and Windows OS.
  • 8288: Keywords entry in gramps.desktop does not work
  • 6548: 'Available Gramps Updates for Addons' window not on top
  • 8154: Some text not translatable in context menu fancharts
  • 7658: Fix for Unit test
  • 8175 8257: date inflections in, update for Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian
  • 8139 8140: Better support for Serbian and Turkish locales
  • New translation: Icelandic
  • 8148: Re-enable Turkish support after a major review. Thank you Uğur.
  • Updated translations: cs, de, eo, fi, fr, hr, hu, it, nb, nn, ru, sk, sr, sv, uk, zh_CN

See the Changelog.