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Sveiki atvykę į Gramps
Gramps yra Nemokamos Programinės Įrangos Projektas Genealogijai, turintis profesionalią genealogijos programą ir visiems atvirą wiki. Tai bendruomenės projektas: sugalvotas, sukurtas ir prižiūrimas genealogų.
  • Instaliavimas: Iškart instaliuokite Gramps (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) (Genealogijos Tyrimų ir Analizės Valdymo Programinė Sistema). Šiuo metu ji veikia Linux ir Windows sitemose. MAC OS X, BSD ir Soliaris yra instaliavimo instrukcijos.
  • Addons: Extend your installed Gramps with third-party plugins to add additional functions. Includes many additional Filters, Tools, Reports, Views, Web Pages, and Gramplets.
  • Dokumentacija: Pažiūrėkite Gramps galimybes, skaitykite atsiliepimus, mokinkitės naudodamiesi pavyzdžiu arba pagilinkite Gramps žinias su vadovėliais.
  • Genealogija: Sužinokite daugiau apie genealogiją. Geriausi šaltiniai, kur rasti informaciją, kaip ją saugoti,...?
GRAMPS programa

GRAMPS yra genealoginė programa Linux ir UNIX tipo sistemoms. Leisdama saugoti, redaguoti ir tyrinėti genealoginius duomenis, ji padeda sekti Jūsų šeimos medį. Daugiau informacijos.

Genealogijos puslapiai

Geros praktikos, ir įvairių pasiūlymų dalinimuisi pateikiamas Genealogijos skyrius

Daugiau informacijos
  • Šis wiki šiuo metu turi 1,873 puslapius.
  • Suradote klaidų GRAMPS programoje? Prašom raportuoti apie jas.
  • Jei domina GRAMPS kūrėjų mintys? Skaitykite blogą.
  • Informacijai susijusiai su GRAMPS projektu yra bendruomenės portalas.
  • Jei norite sužinoti kuo galite prisidėti prie šio wiki kūrimo sužinokite wiki pagalboje.
  • Jei liko klausimų, nesivaržykite susisiekti su mumis.
 Gramps 4.1.2 (The "That's no ordinary rabbit", maintenance release) released.

Gramps team releases version 4.1.2.

  • 8134: Error converting python2 utf-8 strings to python3 str when loading data from database
  • 8055 8344: Removing a parent place from a place leaves a dangling reference
  • 7274: Error during checking the database
  • 7930: Stubborn blank space in database won't be removed, fix removing rows in flat list views
  • 7844: Database upgrade fails if default media path is not set
  • 8152: Error converting database after upgrade to Gramps 4.1.1
  • 8020: Error in a single place within the places section
  • Improvements and fixes to editors
    • 8125: Entries from the add-or-choose selector of Place/Source/Media/Note cannot be dragged
    • 8058 8056: Enclosing places tab should work like other similar tabs, new place reference editor
    • 8095: Association editor refuses dropped persons
    • 8149: Error on opening twice an object from clipboard
    • 8350: Incorrect spacing in export assistant file chooser
    • 5150: new Event types are saved as a disordered list
    • 7770: Always display main participants
    • 8057 7942: Place titles can now be generated on-the-fly by a place displayer, default is still to use the place title field
  • 8347: GEDCOM import of embedded notes attached to media does not work
  • 7866: Crash on .ged import; consistent.
  • 7014: Errors handling owner/submitter information in GEDCOM files. Only import researcher from GEDCOM or XML if the family tree was originally empty.
  • 8283: GEDCOM export does not export media attached to citations.
  • 8102: The fanchart view crashes if max generation is set to 1 away.
  • 7860: Sidebar Filters do not match placetypes in new placeview, two new filter rules (HasTitle, HasData)
  • 7299: Fix bug when family has no parents
  • 8233: Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event
  • 7362 8103: some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter
  • 8037: Improvements and fixes to the Geography category
    • 7149: Views in Geography should not always use the last option set by the user
    • 8327: Request for keyboard-controlled zoom on Geography view
    • 8142: Error geography view - Displaying main menu
    • 7948: Configure screen needs a file selector to select directory for "offline mode" files
    • 7615 8314: Filter panel on geography view displays improperly
  • Fix on plugins, reports, tools
    • 8320: Detailed descendant report crashes, bibliography (citations)
    • 8240: Can't disable box shadow in SVG descendant tree
    • 8237: Descendant tree graphical report, syntax error in svg output
    • 8184: Regression: Complete Individual report has partially-untranslated output
    • 6435: Events Page in Narrative Report not working
    • 8185: Gramps freeze after defining a report style with German cm values
    • 8234: Various problems with docgen.TextDoc.add_media_object
    • 6355: Report event attribute name is not translated
  • Fix to gramplets
    • 8119: Records Gramplet uses wrong text
    • 7865: Closing detached gramplet causes python to crash
    • 8353: Cannot reduce size of gramplets detached from a gramplet bar
    • 8351: Gramplets don't fill window when detached from dashboard
    • 8157: ImageMetadata doesn't show metadata
    • 8267: typo on GLib call, used by an addon only
    • 7604: Fix error setting gramplet tab label
    • 7533: Check for active person in session log gramplet
  • 8196: Spurious spaces in CLI List Family Trees, tab delimited output. Print statements changed to assemble the whole line before output.
  • 8029: Gtk3 warning and custom undoableentry widget, see bugzilla_id 644927
  • 8126: Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme icon. Fix: database manager dialog is inconsistent for older gtk+3 versions. Warnings: deprecated Gtk properties and errors loading theme icon. Fix: Error loading theme icon 'gtk-apply'
  • 7857: gramps fails to start with gtk+-3.13.3
  • 8242: Places in data.gramps are not in the new Place hierarchy
  • Upgrade the version of some dependencies for Mac OS and Windows OS.
  • 8288: Keywords entry in gramps.desktop does not work
  • 6548: 'Available Gramps Updates for Addons' window not on top
  • 8154: Some text not translatable in context menu fancharts
  • 7658: Fix for Unit test
  • 8175 8257: date inflections in, update for Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian
  • 8139 8140: Better support for Serbian and Turkish locales
  • New translation: Icelandic
  • 8148: Re-enable Turkish support after a major review. Thank you Uğur.
  • Updated translations: cs, de, eo, fi, fr, hr, hu, it, nb, nn, ru, sk, sr, sv, uk, zh_CN

See the Changelog.