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Sveiki atvykę į Gramps
Gramps yra Nemokamos Programinės Įrangos Projektas Genealogijai, turintis profesionalią genealogijos programą ir visiems atvirą wiki. Tai bendruomenės projektas: sugalvotas, sukurtas ir prižiūrimas genealogų.
  • Instaliavimas: Iškart instaliuokite Gramps (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) (Genealogijos Tyrimų ir Analizės Valdymo Programinė Sistema). Šiuo metu ji veikia Linux ir Windows sitemose. MAC OS X, BSD ir Soliaris yra instaliavimo instrukcijos.
  • Addons: Extend your installed Gramps with third-party plugins to add additional functions. Includes many additional Filters, Tools, Reports, Views, Web Pages, and Gramplets.
  • Dokumentacija: Pažiūrėkite Gramps galimybes, skaitykite atsiliepimus, mokinkitės naudodamiesi pavyzdžiu arba pagilinkite Gramps žinias su vadovėliais.
  • Genealogija: Sužinokite daugiau apie genealogiją. Geriausi šaltiniai, kur rasti informaciją, kaip ją saugoti,...?
GRAMPS programa

GRAMPS yra genealoginė programa Linux ir UNIX tipo sistemoms. Leisdama saugoti, redaguoti ir tyrinėti genealoginius duomenis, ji padeda sekti Jūsų šeimos medį. Daugiau informacijos.

Genealogijos puslapiai

Geros praktikos, ir įvairių pasiūlymų dalinimuisi pateikiamas Genealogijos skyrius

Daugiau informacijos
  • Šis wiki šiuo metu turi 1,815 puslapius.
  • Suradote klaidų GRAMPS programoje? Prašom raportuoti apie jas.
  • Jei domina GRAMPS kūrėjų mintys? Skaitykite blogą.
  • Informacijai susijusiai su GRAMPS projektu yra bendruomenės portalas.
  • Jei norite sužinoti kuo galite prisidėti prie šio wiki kūrimo sužinokite wiki pagalboje.
  • Jei liko klausimų, nesivaržykite susisiekti su mumis.
 Gramps 4.2.1 released.

Gramps team releases version 4.2.1. A maintenance release.

  • 7601: Support for Retina and HiDPI Display, added 24px icons
  • 8799: Fix verification tool with "Estimate missing or inexact dates"
  • 3670: Fix missing link in hourglass graph report
  • 8168: Sort custom place types in editors
  • 8971: Allow Easter calculation with python3
  • 8936: Fix crash on Descendants-detailed report
  • 8914: FanChartDescendants View should at least have 2 generations
  • 8930: Allow hyphenated gramps-id in Graphviz reports
  • 8889: Complete Individual Report fails to run
  • 8888: Fix broken wiki help links
  • 8833: Set TextOption widget to expand vertically
  • 6684: Unused Object Dialog box too small
  • 2531: Short cut keys does not work in 'Change Event Types' dialog
  • 6824 8481: Update some Tips of the day
  • 8863: Error when extracting place names
  • 7595: Custom filters for note text repaired
  • 8824: Fix Pedigreeview crash when selecting Compact view
  • 8471: Set "visable_window" in GtkEventBox to fix transparency
  • 8377: Faster scrolling
    • cache database access for column values
    • cache do_get_path lookups
    • speed up load access on treeviews with no filters
    • new LRU size of 1k (was 250)
    • use cache in do_get_path from siblings
  • 8775: Avoid using person-centric date matching for places
  • 8789: Use place title as default name in GEDCOM import
  • 8810: Ensure place names are not empty after upgrade
  • 8842: Fix proxy to include all referenced place objects
  • 8897: Fix bug that prevented any addons being loaded onto the Mac version
  • 8517: Remove copy button from family tree manager
  • 8112: Consistency for name fields on Person Editor
  • 8902: [Geography] Place.set_name(name) requires a PlaceName()
  • 8637: [Geography] Fix and improvements on place selection
  • 8188: Limit problems with existing selection in media reference editor
  • 8849 8956: Stability fixes on Mac port
  • 8959 8929: Mac port localization crash with non-standard locale (e.g. en_IT).
  • Fix color on history
  • Fix countries selector for holidays
  • Fix missing markups into textual reports
  • All sidebars with Types now show custom types in combo list
  • [New] Added Places to CSV import/export
  • Some fixes on installer (
  • Various improvements on gen.plug.utils
  • 8937: Fix graph reports [in Greek locale]
  • 5505: New date handler for Hungarian locale
  • Updated translations : cs, de, el, en_GB, fi, fr, hu, is, sv

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 4.2.0 released.

Gramps team releases version 4.2.0. A new major release.

  • New date and language fields on place name
  • Review on GtkBuilder, fix some Gtk3 warnings and move from deprecated methods
  • Change icons and buttons handling methods
  • Enhanced Place Editor and new Place Name editor
  • New widget: use own interactive-search
  • Ability to import kml data into Geography views
  • Enhancement for removing multiple selected items from Views (action group)
  • Add drag support on more Views, Selectors and Editors
  • Add right-click "Copy all" to ListModel and all QuickTables
  • Review Alternate Place handling and edition
  • New 'Place' configuration keys set by user (settings)
  • New filter rule: is enclosed by
  • Consistency on Privacy option for reports
  • Consistency on "Name-format" options for reports
  • Add DeferredFilter class (a subclass of GenericFilter)
  • New textual Report: Links on Notes
  • Fix alphabetic index and toc bug in books
  • Enhancements on Style Editor
  • Enhancements on End Notes into textual reports
  • Changes on Individuals complete textual report
  • Changes on Ancestors Tree draw report: Include Siblings
  • Add name-format option, and deferred translation on Records report
  • Add deferred translation on Timeline draw report
  • Enable attributes gramplet on Source and Citation Views
  • New place locations gramplet
  • Optimizations around index, Flat and TreeView models
  • Enhanced samples files
  • All importers return now an ImportInfo object
  • Experimental gwplus (geneweb) import file format support
  • Remove experimental HTML renderer view
  • New test scripts
  • New Date handler for Japanese
  • Review on Slovenian and Czech Date Handlers
  • Implement both "traditional" and "simplfied" Chinese (translations and dates)
  • Serbian review

See the Changelog.