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This page is retained for historical reference.

This page describes bugs that may have appeared in the Gtk-OSX Gramps version 3.1.2. All of these issues are resolved for Gramps version 3.2.4, to which everyone is strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Export crashes after exporting archive

  • The export database window fails to close after having exported the database archive. The workaround is to click the red "x" kill button in the top left corner of the main gramps window, which stops everything. The exported archive should be correct.

Apple key conventions are not followed

  • Using the Apple conventional menu (the one at the top left of the screen, not the one attached to the Gramps main window) to try to exit Gramps by picking gramps-close does not work. Clicking the red button at the top left of the Gramps main window does work.
  • Gramps uses the <ctrl> key rather than the <cmd> key as a modifier to select multiple items, and <ctrl>-C, <ctrl>-V to copy and paste, none of which is traditional Mac behaviour.

International settings need attention

  • Gramps crashes in Hebrew. A workaround is to avoid using Hebrew.
  • Gramps produces strange mixtures of languages if the first entry on the list of preferred languages (constructed by the Apple System Preferences - International dialog) is a dialect of English for which Gramps has no translation and the second is a language for which Gramps does have a translation. A workaround is to list English (as opposed to a regional version of English) immediately after the dialect in the language preference table with System Preferences - International. For example, a sensible choice for a language preference list might be "British English" - "English" - "Francais". Gramps is written in a highly international version of English so this should inconvenience no one!

Dropping jpegs on a media gallery page has limitations

  • Dropping a jpeg file from the Desktop onto an empty media gallery doesn't work. A workaround is to use the "+" button of the media gallery to add it instead. Once the media gallery has at least one entry, dropping a jpeg (etc) onto it should create a new media object present in the gallery.
  • Dropping a jpeg (etc) file with spaces in the pathname (and other strange characters too) onto a media gallery doesn't work. A workaround is to use the "+" button of the media gallery to add it instead.
  • Dropping multiple jpegs onto a media gallery doesn't work. A workaround is to drop them one at a time.
  • Dragging and dropping images quickly and carelessly around a media gallery page can crash Gramps. Exactly how this happens is obscure. A workaround is to restart Gramps if it crashes. Dragging and dropping with care at a reasonable speed is suggested.

Patches in bug tracker

  • missing _strptime - 3177
  • configure fails - Fixed 3.1.3 - 3064
  • open browser/default application fails - Fixed 3.1.3 - 2896
  • clipboard drop not working - patch available - 3089 There isn't any way to use the clipboard, because items dropped there disappear. It is, however, possible to drag and drop events, places, text etc between any two other windows. It's just the clipboard that doesn't work.

Old bugs, fixed now in current version

Trying to look at the pedigree is not a good idea

Clicking on the pedigree view gets

1713: ERROR: line 160: Unhandled exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/Users/trial2/gtk/inst/share/gramps/DataViews/", line 187, in realize
   self.context = self.window.cairo_create()
Error: NULL pointer

which keeps going forever until I pick "force quit" from the apple menu and kill the python. Then when I restart gramps from the command line again, it just leaps into executing the same error again, and again, and again. I think that's because gramps starts up trying to display the pedigree view again, and it always crashes in the same way. I can't find the particular file to edit to change the startup view. I just did rm -rf .gramps to fix it, which destroys the entire gramps database. To work around losing the database, unset edit - preferences - Remember last view displayed in gramps before clicking on the pedigree view. At least then you don't have to delete the database.

Media Gallery Pages Behave Oddly

Dropping a jpeg onto a media gallery page produced two copies. Moving items arounda gallery page produced strange and unwanted results. Some icons on media gallery pages took up twice as much space as others. Captions for images were off to the right slightly. All these have been fixed in the built apple application. Patches for these will be sent to the bug tracker soon.