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This page describes bugs that may appear in the gtk-osx port of gramps for Mac. It only describes the current bugs, those to be found with a system built according to the instructions on the Mac gtk-osx port page. Please add your own observations here.

Export crashes after exporting archive

The export database feature fails to terminate after having exported the database archive. The workaround is to click "x" the kill button in the top corner of the main gramps window, which stops everything. The exported archive should be correct.

drop onto clipboard doesn't

There isn't any way to use the clipboard, because items dropped there disappear. It is, however, possible to drag and drop events, places, text etc between any two other windows. It's just the clipboard that doesn't work.

Trying to look at the pedigree is not a good idea

Clicking on the pedigree view gets

1713: ERROR: line 160: Unhandled exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/Users/trial2/gtk/inst/share/gramps/DataViews/", line 187, in realize
   self.context = self.window.cairo_create()
Error: NULL pointer

which keeps going forever until I pick "force quit" from the apple menu and kill the python. Then when I restart gramps from the command line again, it just leaps into executing the same error again, and again, and again. Gramps becomes permanently unusable. It continues to be unusable even after customgramps has been rebuilt, and also after meta-gtk-osx-python (which contains cairo) has been rebuilt, so I may have to go and buy a new iMac before gramps runs again. Ah, such is life.