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Installing gramps for X11 using MacPorts

Right now, I will just get the basic information down as to the troubles I ran into and how I fixed them. I will later put in more detailed instructions on using MacPorts and the rest.


So, assuming you have MacPorts installed and updated, you might as well try: sudo port install gramps Now, if you're like me and didn't have GNOME or anything like that installed, calling that command will attempt to go through all of the dependencies and install them all. This will take a while, and you might be at this installing gramps for a couple hours (there are a lot of dependencies)

What I did instead was run port deps gramps, which listed the major dependencies that gramps has. Then, I installed each separately. They are: shared-mime-info py-gnome py-bsddb I installed them in the following order:

  1. shared-mime-info
  2. py-bsddb
  3. py-gnome (the tough one)


In order to successfully install this, I first had to run: sudo port install p5-xml-sax sudo port install p5-xml-sax-expat After that, things installed smoothly


This actually installed smoothly on my computer.


For now, I merely list the libraries and what I did to fix the problem.

  1. py-gtk2
    • I had to make sure to upgrade expat. After that, it installed fine.
  2. py-orbit
    • This installed without any problems for me.
  3. libzvt
    • This package needs "dbus" which in turn needs "xmlto". It appears, however, that "xmlto" is not listed as a dependent of "dbus". Hence, I ran sudo port install xmlto by hand. This installed without any problems on my computer.
    • After installing that, and upgrading gtk2 (do this first), this seems to be installing correctly.
  4. gnome-desktop
    • This was the next problem for me. I installed p5-libxml-perl, p5-xml-simple, py-xml by hand, cleaned gnome-desktop, and then tried the installation again. Worked fine!
  5. gstreamer
    • This was the next problem for me. I installed p5-xml-libxslt, py-libxslt by hand, cleaned gstreamer, and then tried the installation again. Worked fine!
  6. liboil
    • First, I ran sudo port upgrade gtk-doc
    • Then, I installed the newest version of the liboil library from [1] and then tried to make the liboil library again. (From the manual download). This worked. I would assume it would work for the port version as well.
  7. nautilus
    • This was the last problem for me. To get around the error, I had to create a soft link for the libintl.3.dylib file in my /opt/local/lib/ directory.


Those errors were the ones I ran into. I was able to get gramps to work after that, with some of the same glitches as described below.