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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
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This add-on has both a gramplet and a report. The gramplet is a quick way to list the last ten person records that have been changed in the open tree, starting with the most recent change. The names are linked back to the records they come from, giving you an easy way to get back to where you were working last.

The report expands the types of records you can list, including families, places, etc.

For CLI use, the following is an example command that runs the report on 'Family Tree 1' to file 'c:\output.txt' of type 'txt' with all types except media included in the report. Note that this is all on a single line, no line breaks.

gramps -O 'Family Tree 1' -a report -p name=LastChangeReport,of=c:\output.txt,off=txt,what_types='True,True,True,True,False,True,True,True'

The list of 8 True/False choices is for the eight categories (People, Families, Places, Events, Media, Sources, Notes, Citations) that can be included in the report, at least one of which must be included.

Last Change Gramplet
Last Change Report Sample