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How do I represent a divorce?
I want to indicate that two people are divorced, yet Gramps does not have a Relationship type of Divorced. How do I represent this?
Divorced is not a relationship type. Instead, it is an event status that terminates the relationship. If two people are divorced, it does not change the fact that they had a relationship type of Married. Divorce, like Death, is one way in which a marriage is terminated. Just as when widowed the death of a spouse does not change the fact that two people were married, a divorce does not change the fact that two people were married.

Other Civil or Marital Status possibilities are:

  • Single
  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Indicate a divorce in Gramps

Family Editor dialog

So in Gramps to represent the marriage status that ended in divorce:

  1. Create a family
  2. Add both spouses
  3. Set the relationship type to Married
  4. Select the Events tab
  5. Add an Event of type Marriage
  6. Add an Event of type Divorce

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