Howto: Make a relationship chart

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This is a Howto on how to make a relationship chart (can be ancestors, descendants, ...) with GRAMPS 2.2.x. and the Relationship plugin.

The report is made with the graphviz backend, so you need to install graphviz first ( The goal is to offer a complete howto/tutorial on using this report, from conception, to using your report (poster printing, ...).

Before you start

GRAMPS can produce charts, but to view them, you need other programs. We recommend that you install the following:

  • Graphviz: required, whithout this, no relationship chart
  • Inkscape: for viewing and editing svg charts, export to png
  • gv, kghostview: for viewing ps charts
  • ps2pdf: for converting ps to pdf
  • adobe reader, kpdf: for viewing pdf charts
  • openoffice, koffice: for viewing odt documents

Filters: what persons to print ?

What are filters?

In GRAMPS you can define filters to make a selection of individuals, see Example_filters. In the relationship chart all custom person filters you made will be available, as well as the standard descendants and ancestors filters. These last start from the active person.

Tip: You can add to a family stepchildren by setting the relationship of the child to the mother to step child. In doing so, these children will be part of a descendant report without the need to create a custom filter to include them.

How many people ?

Your filter can contain as many people as you want. Note however that printing or viewing of large charts can be very problematic.

Example 1: a descendant chart

Download example.gramps, create a new database in GRAMPS called example.grdb, and import the example.gramps data into it.

If not the case, set the home person to Garner, Lewis Anderson

To make a descendant chart with the relationship report, go to ... TODO

Further cool things to do

  • You can make descendant charts and add them to the media gallery of the person. Like that, the cart is available from the website.
  • offer a chart on your website as a flash relationship graph, enabling zooming, moving, ... over your data or use Autotrace and modify the generated SVG with:
sed 's|svg|svg xmlns=""
xmlns:xlink=""|' input.svg > output.svg