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Here we give a quick overview how you work with the bug tracker.

Report a Bug

1. Login

To report a bug, you must have a login account on, which is the GRAMPS bug tracker. If you create a user account, remember that it can take up to 12 hours before a notification email is send to you. Only after clicking on the link in the email can you submit bugs. Your email will be handled confidentially.

2. Search existing bugs

Perhaps the bug you found has been submitted before. To check this, click on 'View Issues'. The top of the page is reserved to filters, which you set. Normally the default is just fine. Under these filters, there is a search box. Enter the terms best describing the bug, and click apply filter.

If the bug is already reported, read the report over, and see if you can add to the information. If so, you can leave a note with extra information to help the developers.

3. Submit new bug

Click on Report Issue, and enter the required information. Be verbose, the developers are bad at mind reading. Do not forget to list the GRAMPS version you are using. You can check this in GRAMPS by clicking in the GRAMPS program the Help menu, option About.

Submit a feature request

To do a feature request, log in on the bug tracker, and click Report Issue.

You must select in the right-hand corner Project: Feature Requests. Now you continue as if you do a bug report, so select category, give description (be verbose), ...