How do I find the information that are missing a 'source' attachment

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The first rule of genealogy is to Get the source. Often you have entered information into GRAMPS without checking or adding the Source for it. This is one way to find those pieces.

How to find all events without a source attachment

  • Go to the events view
  • Enable the filter sidebar
  • Create a custom filter by clicking on the edit icon to the right of the "custom filter" drop-down list
  • Click "+" to add a rule
  • Expand the "General Filters" list
  • Select "Events with <count> sources"
  • Leave "Number of instances" as 0, and select "Number must be equal to".
  • "OK" to close dialog
  • Give filter a name
  • "OK" to close dialog
  • Then select your new filter in the "custom filter" drop down list and see if it works.