How do I add 'Cemeteries in Norway' entries as a source

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In Norway there is a site called Cemeteries in Norway, which lists most cemeteries with information about: Birth, death and burial. Some do even have a picture of the headstone attached. The search interface on the site let's you search the whole country, or to narrow it down by different counties and or municipalities.

This How do I... article is a suggestion to how to best document your usage of this site.

Adding Cemeteries in Norway as a Repository

Cemeteries in Norway - Gramps.png
You can add Cemeteries in Norway as a repository by adding the following information:
   Name: Cemeteries in Norway
   Type: Web site


      - Web home: Path: 'Home page'
      - E-mail: Path: 'Contact address'

See also the screen-shot on how this might be done