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It is important to know your roots, to know where you come from, so you can understand where we are going, and what we have achieved. This page gives a start to an overview of the history of GRAMPS.

The releases so far

GRAMPS officially started April 21, 2001. Don has written up a great blog entry on how it came about. A stable release however was only achieved on 2004-02-11, as can be learned from the Previous releases overview.

The 2.2.x releases came about in 2006, with some important improvements, and the 3.0 version came March 2008. Since two new major releases came on March for each year.

Some screenshots

The sidebar in Gramps
2.0.x 2.2.x 3.0.x

Gramps sidebar 2 0.png

Gramps sidebar 2 2.png

Gramps sidebar 3 0.png

Obviously the sidebar is growing on every release. Originally the icons where semi-realistic, but now GRAMPS adopted the Tango style for its icons. The main window looks changed like this: