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Tree Options Tab

This is always the starting place of any report.

The main item of interest is the Center Person/Family.
Both the Ancestoral and Personal Descendant reports ask for a center person.
The Familial Descendant report asks for a center family
How many generations (columns) will be shown on the report.
Level of Spouses
Only available in the Descendant reports. Whether to show:
0 - No spouses, only direct descendants
1 - Spouses of the direct descendants
2 - Spouses of those spouses
3 - etc
Print Entire tree
Only available in the Ancestoral report. Fills out the entire tree. If a grand-parent is unknown, print an empty box.
Compress tree
Tries to compress the tree to minimize printing space.
Show spouses of the center person
Only available in the Ancestoral report. Displays information about the spouses below the center person. Also allows you to select which display (main/secondary) to use.