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Unless otherwise stated on this page, you can download this plugin by following these instructions
Please note that some Addons have prerequisites that need to be installed before they can be used.
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The larger the number of people in the Family Tree

The longer the chart will take to appear eg: about 7000 people takes 10 minutes.

Ancestors tree only available in the Gramps 5.0.x version of Graph View

Graph View - addon - In action showing both ancestors and descendant trees (Gramps 5.0.x version)
Graph View - addon - In action showing only descendant trees (Gramps 4.2.x version)

Graph View is an interactive Ancestry Charts category view addon that presents a navigable ancestors(Gramps 5.0.x version only) and descendant tree using the current active person as a starting point. Clicking another person in the family tree will make that person the active person and will redraw the family tree based on them.


From the Ancestry Charts category view select the Graph View icon or select View > Graph View from the menu.

Configure Options

Select View > Configure... from the menu to change the following:

  • Layout
    • Show images (checkbox selected by default)
    • Highlight the home person (checkbox selected by default)
    • Show full dates (checkbox unselected by default)
    • Show places (checkbox unselected by default)
  • Colors
    • Home person color: #bbe68a(default)


  • Interactive.
  • The active person is highlighted.
  • Clicking a person will redraw the family tree based on that person.
  • Clicking the active person will show the parent family of the active person, thereby allowing previous generations to be shown.
  • The view can be panned by using mouse click and drag. Select the background of the tree and drag the mouse to pan the view.
  • Use the Zoom: slider to zoom in or out of the view.
  • A right mouse click on a person or family node shows the person or family editor as appropriate.
  • Right click a family to add or delete a spouse or child.
  • The view redraws in response to changes made to a person or family.
  • Save the dot file for a later printing. This will save a .gv file and a svg file. You must select a .gv file.


Before Graph View can be used you will need the following installed:


All of these should be available in common Linux distributions.

For example,


Packages Goocanvas/PyGoocanvas as libgoocanvas3 and python-pygoocanvas.

Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE)

These packages are not available for Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE). You can download these as .deb files from launchpad and install them in the usual manner. You need the Binary packages shown at the bottom of that pages, except for the development libraries.

Please make sure to download these for the proper architecture, like amd64 for 64-bit PCs (Intel included).


You may need to install typelib-1_0-GooCanvas-2_0 as mentioned in issue 8076.


  • 8054#c44291 - Test code for Printing.
  • 9806 Subprocess on [GraphView] can generate a memory issue
  • 8054 Better label positioning in Graphview