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Since 2.2 GRAMPS tries to follow the Tango icon guidelines, see also the gallery. For version 2.4, the aim is to have full compliance.

Here we list the icons to keep track of coverage, and to give descriptions including the used visual metaphors. Use the talk page for discussion.

For using icons in GRAMPS code, see Using icons. For a guideline on how to make custom icons designed for GRAMPS in a theme and use them in GRAMPS, read Overrule GRAMPS icons.

GRAMPS Icon Gallery

Some of the icons are derived from Tango icons. Before use, please check the license information available in the SVG image! The icons are in general NOT in the public domain.

Primary GRAMPS object icons

Name 16x16 22x22 48x48 SVG Description
Gramps-event - - size 48px Gramps-event [1] The icon for an person or family event, like birth, death, marriage, graduation, ...
Gramps-person - - size 48px Gramps-person [2] A generic person