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This section gives an overview of the changes in version 3.2 since 3.1. All these are present in the rest of the manual. So you need not read this section. Users of 3.1 are advised to go over the changes so as not to miss any new possibilities.

Visible changes to the core

Views in categories

In Gramps 3.1, every category in the sidebar had one view. In Gramps 3.2, a category can have multiple views. Eg, the person view now has a listview and a treeview. You can switch via the View menu and via view buttons on the toolbar.

View Configuration

The new toolbar, section with views, and a configure view button on the right

Configuration of a view in 3.1 is via different mechanism. In 3.2 a move is made to one place to configure a view: the Configure View dialog. This can be accessed via a toolbar button, see the Fig. Most views make use of this in 3.2 (Pedigreeview is not converted yet).

Change columns

All the views showing lists now have their column editor available from the configuration dialog. Otherwise the functionality is the same: drag and drop columns in the desired order, enable those you want, and click apply.

More: Column Editor

New views

People list view

Fig. People ListView

A view containing a list of all people is now present. This has an advantage when you work with filters and want clear order not based on the name. Via the column editor you can order the columns in any order you want, eg birth date as the first column, giving a nice overview of all people born in the same period.

One disadvantage is that name grouping is not taken into account like this. So if you use the grouping feature to order the name Safina under Safin, these names are now mixed in the people list view.

More: People Category

Geo view


A view using OpenStreetMap or Google Maps to show where people lived. Combined with the filters, this allows you to see where a group of people was born, where they lived, where they died, ... .

The view can also be used to add places to your family tree with correct latitude and longitude, or link existing places to a correct latitude and longitude. It speaks for itself that this view is only useful if all your places have correct geo-coordinates (note that you can use a the expert third party Place completion tool if you have many places without coordinates that need to be given a latitude and longitude)

Obviously, a fast internet connection is needed to use this view.

More: Geography

Place tree view

A start is made of a new view that organizes your places in a tree structure, so first country, then state, ... . This view will evolve further in future releases.

More: Place Tree View

Fan chart view

Fig. Fan Chart View

If you know the fan chart gramplet, you will know what this view does. It is part of the Ancestry category, and is a good way to know what pieces of an ancestry need further research.

More: Fan Chart View


An extra hidden view is present, the Html view. This view is present because it forms the basis of the GeoView. You can unhide it via the Help->Plugin Manager. Gramps is not a web browser however, this view is not an attempt to add a web browser to Gramps, it is only the minimal functionality needed to have GeoView functional. Some people might find it usefull however.

The engine of Html is webkit (if installed) or gecko (if installed) via python bindings.

Plugin changes

New infrastructure

The plugin mechanism of Gramps has been updated. It is now possible to hide all plugins you do not need. This includes export/import plugins, tools, document backends (pdf creation, odf creation), and the views you see in the main window. Yes, all views are now plugins.

This gives the user the option to remove options they don't need, making navigation faster and saving resources. Eg: You don't use the Pedigree View? Hide it in the Plugin Manager, and it will not be present anymore. You don't use vcard export? Hide it in the Plugin Status, and it will not be offered anymore.

More: Plugin Manager

New and updated plugins

  1. As almost with every release, the narrated web site has received more options
  2. Some reports have received the option to output in another language than the language you use Gramps in.
  3. Styled notes are now supported in most output forms, eg in ODF output and in the web report

Under the hood changes

It's all about speed

Many under the hood improvements have occurred that should improve performance enormously.

  • Using Gramps in CLI mode no longer loads GUI code
  • plugins are no longer loaded by default
  • New listviews. Eg: Insert of a person in a 30000 people family tree took 4sec on 1.4Ghz PC in 3.1, Now it is done in milliseconds.

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