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This section gives an overview of the changes in version 3.2 since 3.1. All these are present in the rest of the manual. So you need not read this section. Users of 3.1 are advised to go over the changes so as not to miss any new possibilities.

Visible changes to the core

Views in categories

In Gramps 3.1, every category in the sidebar had one view. In Gramps 3.2, a category can have multiple views. Eg, the person view now has a listview and a treeview. You can switch via the View menu and via view buttons on the toolbar.

View Configuration

The new toolbar, section with views, and a configure view button on the right

Configuration of a view in 3.1 is via different mechanism. In 3.2 a move is made to one place to configure a view: the Configure View dialog. This can be accessed via a toolbar button, see the Fig. Most views make use of this in 3.2 (Pedigreeview is not converted yet).

Plugin changes

Under the hood changes