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This is the wiki manual for GRAMPS version 3.0. All users are encouraged to edit this manual so as to improve its readability and usability.

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The GRAMPS Manual is the user manual helping users to find their way around GRAMPS software. All aspects are covered, including the general details, subtle tips, preferences, tools, reports, etc.

Table of Contents

Why use GRAMPS?
Typographical conventions
  1. Getting Started
  2. Main Window
    1. Introduction
    2. The Different Views
    3. Switching Views and Viewing Modes
    4. Gramplets View
    5. People View
    6. Relationships View
    7. Family View
    8. Pedigree View
    9. Events View
    10. Sources View
    11. Places View
    12. Media View
    13. Repositories View
    14. Notes View
  3. Manage Family Trees
    1. Starting a New Database
    2. Opening a Database
    3. Saving Changes to Your Database
    4. Importing Data
    5. Exporting Data
  4. Entering and Editing Data: Brief
  5. Entering and Editing Data: Detailed
  6. Navigation
  7. Gramplets
    1. Welcome Gramplet
    2. Top Surnames Gramplet
    3. Surname Cloud Gramplet
    4. TODO Gramplet
    5. Statistics Gramplet
    6. Python Gramplet
    7. News Gramplet
    8. Session Log Gramplet
    9. Calendar Gramplet
    10. Relatives Gramplet
  8. Reports
  9. Tools
  10. Settings
    1. Preferences
    2. Name Format Editor
    3. Other settings
    4. Advanced manipulation of settings
  11. Filter rules reference
    1. General filters
    2. Event filters
    3. Family filters
    4. Ancestral filters
    5. Descendant filters
    6. Relationship filters
    7. Miscellaneous filters

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B: Keybindings reference

Appendix C: Command line reference
Available options
Appendix D: About GRAMPS

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