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This page describes the current multi-lingual policy on GRAMPS wiki.

Which Languages?

In theory, all languages for which a person can be found to maintain the translation, can have the GRAMPS main page translated. You can then translate articles on a opt-in basis.

What NOT to translate

  1. The developers section is english only. Development of GRAMPS is in english.
  2. Mark-up Templates. Templates for markup, eg pretty tables, boxes, should be written language independent, with if necessary a language parameter which is passed to content specific templates that can be translated.

Note that Content templates can be translated, but do not include the {{languges|pagename}} template to the content of the template. Instead, add it to the noinclude section of the template:



  1. If you want to translate page [[GRAMPS:Language policy]] in a language with language code zz, you create a page [[GRAMPS:Language policy/zz]]. The root name af the article must be the english name. So e.g. Bonjour would be Goodday/fr
  2. Next, you add at the bottom of the page the template {{languages|GRAMPS:Language policy}}. This same template must be added to the root page as well as all translated pages.
  3. In the case no english page exists for the page you want to make, first add an english page with content

More Details

For more details, see the documentation on Template:Languages