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A guide for people who would like to use Git rather than subversion (SVN).

John Ralls has provided a Git mirror of the Gramps subversion repository which is updated every day.


First install git and the git-svn bridge. In Ubuntu use the following command:

sudo apt-get install git git-svn

Note: The git package is called git-core in older distributions.

Next download a local copy of Gramps from the mirror provided by John Ralls. This will take about 5 minutes.

git clone -o mirror

Finally initialise the remote svn connection from the local copy directory. Replacing <USERNAME> with your SourceForge username.

cd Gramps
git svn init --prefix=mirror/ -s svn+ssh://<USERNAME>


By default a branch called trunk is created for you. To update a branch with the latest changes in the git mirror use:

git pull --rebase

When committing changes to the subversion repository we need a linear history, so we specify the --rebase option.

To commit changes back to the subversion repository use:

git svn dcommit

Caution: Do not attempt to push changes back to the git mirror.


To see the remote branches available in the mirror use:

git remote show mirror

To create a new local tracking branch use the checkout command. For example, to create a branch that tracks the gramps34 maintenance branch use:

git checkout -b gramps34 mirror/maintenance/gramps34

The branch command allows you to see all the local branches and indicates which branch is active.

git branch

Before switching to another branch it is useful to remove untracked files created by the build process. You can do this with the following command:

git clean -dxf

To switch to a branch use the checkout command. For example, to switch to trunk use:

git checkout trunk


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