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Gramps does not provide any GeoCodes dictionnaries.

There is some projects handling that better.

  • Is there any model?

Gramps does not force any seizure.

User is free to chosse the title and the quality of data for user's places.

See Places in Gramps for more details.

  • Any help?

There is an addon which can modify places' data.

Add Geo codes by batch and group

Gramps provides an additionnal tool for advanced modifications on places.


Think on making a backup before using tools which will modify your data.

It is possible to donwload one file, to uncompress it, for allowing the tool to match and complete your places without any geo codes.

  1. Go to the menu Edit -> Preferences, then run the addons search.
  2. Select the Place Completion tool, then install it. Quit Gramps.
  3. Run a Gramps again and go to the menu Tools -> Utilities -> Place Completion


GeoNames .zip : UK.txt GNS Geonet .zip : uk.txt

Coordinates completion.

Search Options


The top section allows to select a part of your places with filters. Very useful with large dataset for places.

To complete geocodes, select at least one rule for looking at places without coordinates: No given latitude and longitude.

Search latitude and longitude

If the field City (town) for the place location is filled, then you can choose a quick search via:

  • search by city.

If the field County for the place location is filled, then you can choose a quick search via:

  • search by county/city.

If you only have a Place title value, eg. after a gedcom import; then you should choose a large search via:

  • search by start_of_title, searches.