GEPS 045: Place Model Enhancements - Place Changes Screenshots

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Example screenshots of the inprogress work for GEPS 045: Place Model Enhancements as part of the future Gramps 5.1 Roadmap development

Expanded Place Type Menu

Types adm0.png
Types adm1.png
Types adm2.png
Types adm3.png
Types adm3c.png
Types adm4.png
Types adm5.png
Types adm5c.png
Types adm6.png
Types civ.png
Types g.png
Types gc.png
Types gcc.png
Types geo.png
Types jud.png
Types oth.png
Types plac.png
Types placc.png
Types reli.png
Types relic.png
Types trans.png
Types unpop.png

Enhanced Place Format Editor

Place format editor.png

Place Name and Abbreviation Editors

Name editor.png
Abbrev editor.png