GEPS 039: Genealogical symbols in gramps

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GEPS Closed

This GEPS (Gramps Enhancement Proposal) is closed and available in the version of Gramps indicated below.
Do not edit this page. Submit bugs/features to

This feature was added to Gramps 5.1.x

See: Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Genealogical_Symbols

"Genealogical Symbols" - Preferences tab - defaults
"Genealogical Symbols" - Preferences tab - activated defaults

The purpose of this GEPS is to explore the possibility to use all the genealogy symbols in gramps


Currently, depending on Operating Systems and the installation methods, we are not always aware of all problems we can get.

  • Users ask for symbols (several issues)
  • Users see some ugly or missing characters instead of the good one. (several issues)
  • Users can see a box with 2 or more characters. what does that mean ?


  1. What happens if the system doesn't have font to see these characters ?
  2. Can we use a specific font for all the Gramps widgets ?

Possible Enhancements

  • Raise a feature request.


  • Tamura Jones expounds on Genealogical Symbols (the 'Unicode' section is particularly relevant)
  • Genealogical Symbols - feature user documentation
  • Bug Report 9098: Gramps should be able to use genealogy symbols everywhere.