GEPS 030: New Visualization Techniques

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The purpose of this GEP is to discuss new visualization techniques for possible inclusion in Gramps.


Fan Chart

At present Gramps offers two graphical visualizations of genealogical data as views:

20120909 - Updated for unreleased Gramps 4.0, see Blog Report 1 Blog Report 2 & Video Demonstration: Reference paper

Some Addons:

A number of graphical and GraphViz based reports for printout:

As well as a graphical default gramplets:

In the last few years papers have been published describing new visualization techniques.



Family trees are presented in the form of a grid.

Feature request "4649: GeneaQuilts visualization integration" asks for this functionality.

A video, demonstration software, and a paper describing the technique can be found on the Aviz website.

Status: A Gramps implementation is currently being written (Nick Hall)



This is a type of timeline tree.

Wilfried Trabold pointed this out on the gramps-users mailing list in December 2010. Gerald was in a side-discussion with the authors to explore the possibility of working together to include this in Gramps.

Status: Not known.

Dual Trees

Dual Trees

This is a method of combining graphs in a single display.

  • Bi-directional top-down node-link diagrams
  • Used for navigating genealogical graphs (family “trees”)

Status: Unexplored.

The H-Tree

The H-tree

A structured, space-efficient technique for pedigree visualization (to display ancestral trees).

Status: Unexplored.

The Gene-Tree

The gene-tree (Cranefoot)

A structured, space-efficient technique for pedigree visualization (to display ancestral trees), using colors and symbols. This type of tree is often used for medical usage.

Status: Unexplored.

See also:


Feature Requests

  • 4649: GeneaQuilts visualization integration
  • 2611: Alternative Genealogy Graphs - Original idea for Fan Chart, Dual Trees, and other ideas
  • 4169: To generate a numbering class for mapping indiviuals according to start person (temp snapshot) and for generating Pedigrees, Charts, Gramplets, Tools with duplicated ancestors match support.
  • 815: I would like to have a graphical view of relationships
  • 6048: Descendants View, a "reverse" Pedigree
  • 3590: Relationships domain
  • 4564: Ancestor Medical Record
  • 2218: Medical genetics
  • Alternate FanChart [1]