GEPS 026: Replace 'make' for Gramps build

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Move Gramps away from using Makefiles and change to using Pythons and/or Distutils [1][2][3]2621


  1. The core Gramps developers do not know GNU Make, which was the case also in the past. Somebody of a company with expertise contributed the make system to Gramps.
  2. With GNU Make developers need to update makefiles when adding and changing files.
    *With developers only need to worry about changing directories; this is simpler to maintain.
  3. With GNU Make from time to time it happens that a new file is forgotten to be added in a release, causing maintainance overhead for the release manager.
  4. Gramps is pure python, we don't need a makefile system checking for a lot of things it is checking now.
  5. We need less dependencies for installing Gramps in linux.
    *Already on windows makefiles are not used.
  6. An increasing number of projects that need GNU Make switch to CMake, ..., we should not stay with old technology just because it was already present


  • PEP 345: Metadata for Python Software Packages 1.2
  • PEP 376: Database of Installed Python Distributions
  • PEP 386: Changing the version comparison module in Distutils
  • PEP 390: Static metadata for Distutils