GEPS 024: Natural transcription of Records

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A Gramps Certificate is defined to be a method for creating and storing genealogical information from a document. For example, one might create a Census Certificate that would allow users to enter data straight from a Census sheet. The associated data would be stored in a well-defined location in the database, and in exported file formats.


  1. A manner to create, and edit over time, a certificate definition
    1. See Gramps Census XML format
  2. A way to view the certificate
  3. A way to map certificate fields onto database items
  4. A way to recreate the document from the database (see Gramps Census Report)

One important aspect to consider is the manner to store the Certificate data in a well-defined, GEDCOM-exportable manner.

Current Census Limitations

Things needed to bring the Census work up to this level of integration:

  1. If you change the way a certificate is defined, we need a way to change the data. For example, changing a column name disassociates all of the information in the database.
  2. How to handle translations?
  3. Code should be able to add items such as sources to the database
  4. Items lose their ordering

Example Workflow

  1. Find a census sheet that you would like to enter data from
  2. Select it. That will add the necessary Source records in the database, if they do not exist
  3. That brings up a data entry view
  4. Enter data
  5. Save data, which stores the columns in the appropriate place, and creates any needed events, etc.

Other Connections

  • Gramps' FamilySearch API will perhaps have the ability to connect and download an entire census sheet. Consider creating the Certificate from the downloaded definition.

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