GEPS 004: My Gramps and Gadgets

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Proposed changes for enhancing GRAMPS by adding a new GUI API that allows data to be displayed on the screen, with graphical objects such as tables, buttons, text entry, links, etc. This would effectively be able to turn a user plugin into an interface for moving, say, the active person in the main window, or, possibly, for user-defined data entry.


Allows users to add to the GRAMPS interface. A new page, currently called "My Gramps", would be created that allows for customized "gadgets" that perform various functions (other than tools and reports). This might include: interactive shells, TODO lists, logs, debugging tools, and various "folders" for organizing groups of people, families, or other objects.


A prototype is now available for exploration and testing. To activate the prototype, add the following line to your .gramps/keys.ini file in the interface section:

data-views= MyGrampsView, PersonView, RelationshipView, FamilyListView, PedigreeView, EventView, SourceView, PlaceView, MediaView, RepositoryView, NoteView

This should be all on one line. You can change the order (and leave some pages out) as well with this key. (You can also add pages multiple times, but that isn't as useful as the active object on one page will change it on another).

On start up, the file gadgets.ini is looked for in the user's .gramps subdirectory. If it is not found, a set of gadgets are created, currently a Message Gadget with a welcome message and a Stats Gadget.


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