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Export Gedcom Extensions

There is an Addon (currently available for Gramps 3.5) which has a collection of unofficial GEDCOM extensions. If the feature you want is not listed below, then you can either add it yourself, or ask a developer to help you.

The code is in the Addon gramps-addons/trunk/contrib/GedcomExtensions/


The code currently supports the following extensions:

  • Exports witnesses associated with a family event

Running the Exporter

To run the exporter, select "Gedcom Extensions". Select the relevant options, and the data should be exported to a file with the extension ".ged2".

Currently, there is not an associated .ged2 importer in Gramps, so the current export is one-way only (out of Gramps). It would be easy for someone to also write an associated importer to handle the extensions to bring them into Gramps as well.

Import Gedcom Extensions

There are no import extensions currently supported.

Others projects

  • Gedcom ( is a project for parsing objects ignored by a model. It includes classes and attributes for every GEDCOM tag sequence appearing in more than 4% of the 7000 GEDCOMs submitted to over the past five years, with the exception of four software-specific schema tags: SCHEMA, _EVENT_DEFN, _PLAC_DEFN, and _EVDEF, generated by Family Tree Maker, Personal Ancestral File, Legacy, and RootsMagic respectively.

See the demo[1]. GEDCOM -> model -> json -> model -> GEDCOM round-tripp shows the GEDCOM tags that are represented in the model as extensions, and tags that cannot be represented.

    • differences between the object model and the GEDCOM 5.5 Specification.[2]
    • set of UML diagrams illustrating the core Gedcom class and each of the top-level objects.[3]