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This is the wiki manual for GRAMPS version 3.0. All users are encouraged to edit this manual so as to improve its readability and usability.

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These licenses allow the Gramps project to maximally use this wiki manual as free content in future Gramps versions. If you do not agree with this dual license, then do not edit this page. You may only link to other pages within the wiki which fall only under the GFDL license via external links (using the syntax: []), not via internal links.
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The GRAMPS Manual is the user manual helping users to find their way around GRAMPS software. All aspects are covered, including the general details, subtle tips, preferences, tools, reports, etc.

Table of Contents

Pourquoi utiliser ?
Conventions typographiques
  1. Débuter
  2. Fenêtre principale
    1. Introduction
    2. Les différentes vues
    3. Changer de vue et de modes
    4. Vue Gramplets
    5. Vue Individus
    6. Vue Relations
    7. Vue Famille
    8. Vue Arbre généalogique
    9. Vue Evénements
    10. Vue Sources
    11. Vue Lieux
    12. Vue Media
    13. Vue Dépôts
    14. Vue Notes
  3. Gérer des arbres familiaux
    1. Commencer une nouvelle base
    2. Ouvrir une base de données
    3. Sauver les changements dans votre base de données
    4. Importer des données
    5. Exporter des données
  4. Edition sommaire
  5. Edition détaillée
  6. Navigation
    1. Utiliser la vue Individus
    2. Utiliser la vue Familles
    3. Utiliser la vue Arbre généalogique
    4. Définir la souche
    5. Utiliser l'historique
    6. Signets
    7. Trouver une enregistrement
  7. Gramplets
    1. Gramplet Bienvenu
    2. Gramplet Noms de famille
    3. Gramplet Nuage de noms
    4. Gramplet A faire
    5. Gramplet Statistiques
    6. Gramplet Python
    7. Gramplet Nouvelles
    8. Gramplet Log de session
    9. Gramplet Calendrier
    10. Gramplet Parenté
  8. Rapports
  9. Tools
    1. Analysis and Exploration
      1. Compare Individual Events
      2. Interactive Descendant Browser
    2. Database Processing
      1. Calculate Estimated Dates
      2. Database Owner Information
      3. Extract Information from Names
      4. Find Possible Duplicate People...
      5. Fix Capitalization of Family Names...
      6. Rename Event Types
      7. Reorder GRAMPS ID
    3. Database Repair
      1. Check and repair database
      2. Rebuild Reference Maps
      3. Rebuild Secondary Indices
      4. Remove Unused Objects...
    4. Debug
      1. Python Evaluation window...
      2. Reload Plugins
      3. Show uncollected Objects
    5. Utilities
      1. Generate SoundEx codes
      2. Media Manager...
      3. Relationship calculator
      4. Verify the Data
  10. Settings
    1. Preferences
    2. Name Format Editor
    3. Other settings
    4. Advanced manipulation of settings
  11. Filter rules reference
    1. General filters
    2. Event filters
    3. Family filters
    4. Ancestral filters
    5. Descendant filters
    6. Relationship filters
    7. Miscellaneous filters

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B: Keybindings reference
Appendix C: Command line reference
Available options
Format options
Opening options
Import options
Export options
Action options
List options
Environment variables
Appendix D: About GRAMPS

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