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This is a Third-party plugin. Please treat this as "beta" software: use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author.

Sample Family Sheet

A Family Sheet is a page which contains all available info about a specific person, the families this person is a father or mother in, and the children of these families.

The intended use for this report is to get a full dump of the database in nice paper form in a way suitable to file it in a folder.

Each Family Sheet contains a key at the top right which is derived from the relationship from the central person in the database and the person for which the sheet is printed. For direct ascendants, the Family Sheet key is the "Ahnentafel" number (also known as Eytzinger, Sosa, Sosa-Stradonitz, or Kekule number). Each child is assigned a letter starting from "a", and the Family Sheet key of the child is the Family Sheet key of the parent with the child's letter appended.

The report contains full information (including all events, attributes, source references, and notes) for the key person and all its spouses. For children that had spouses, only a short section (including only name and birth event info) is printed along with a reference to the Family Sheet page on which this child would be the key person, while for children that had no spouses, full info is printed.

If recursive printing is selected, each Family Sheet is followed by the Family Sheets of the children that had spouses.

You can download this plugin by following the directions at Third-party Plugins.