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A Gramps exporter has been developed in trunk/src/plugins/export/ExportSql.py You can export all of the Gramps genealogical data through an SQL Export using the Export Assistant. This does not export other Gramps data, such as bookmarks, researcher information, etc.

SQL stands for "Structured Query Language" and is pronounced "sequel" (it is a joke: as it came after QUEL, it is its sequel). After you export your GRAMPS data into a file such as Untitled_1.sql using the above Exporter, then you can use SQL queries like:

$ sqlite3 Untitled_1.sql
SQLite version 3.5.9
Enter ".help" for instructions

sqlite> .tables
dates       family      names       people      repository
events      media       notes       places      sources   

sqlite> .headers on
.headers on

sqlite> select * from people;

sqlite> select * from names where surname like "%Smith%";

sqlite> .exit

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