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Gramps and Gtk3 APIs into devhelp browser

Devhelp is a Gtk+/Gnome browser for API documentation; it works natively with gtk-doc (which is the API reference format for Gtk+/Gnome documentation).

How to include Gramps API into the Devhelp index.


According to base directories from freedesktop, the working paths could be:



1. Go to Gramps/docs folder

2. modify '' for generating a devhelp file via 'devhelp' key for builder:

$ sphinx-build -b devhelp .  _build/devhelp

could be:

$ os.system(' ' '%(program)s -b devhelp . _build/devhelp' ' ' % {'program': sphinxCmd})

in python.

3. run '':


$ cd docs
$ python3 

4. copy the content of _build/devhelp directory into:


Need to use the same name for the devhelp file and the top directory (e.g., Gramps)

Updated python APIs

Give a try to:

   git clone ~/.local/share/devhelp/books

To update:

   cd ~/.local/share/devhelp/books
   git pull

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