Descendant and Detailed Descendant Book Reports

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This is a Third-party plugin. Currently, it is mostly feature complete but could do with some more extensive testing.

Sample Descendant Book Dialog

The "Descendant Books" plugin consists of two book type plugins. Descendant Book and Detailed Descendant Book. Both reports are based directly of Descendant Report and Detailed Descendant Report, the main difference being instead of just producing a report based on the Center Person, it allows for the use of a built in Query or Custom query. This idea is to produce as many descendant reports as is required to satisfy inclusion of all individuals within the given query.

If for instance "Entire Database" is chosen as the query to use. Then the entire database is traversed and a unique list of ancestors is determined and then a descendant report for each of these ancestors is produced.

As there is a potential to produce more than one report the best place to include these reports is under Books. If more than one report is produced a table of contents is generated to show how many reports there are. If one only report is produced, no table of contents are generated.

CAVEAT: Whilst the report should work against Gramps 3.3. out of the box it hasn't been extensively tested. Most of testing/development is against 3.4. This has not been tested at all against trunk (3.5+), as I do not have a gtk3 system that I can test/develop on. If some kind soul wishes to take up the mantle on that front I'd very much appreciate it.

Common uses

To date my most common usage is :

Entire Database

I find that running of either report using the Entire database is really useful for highlighting potential people in my database that I've not linked up, dangling tree elements etc.

Ancestors of <person>

Again really useful to get a complete accurate picture of the entire family tree of an individual, pretty much includes all cousins of this person. Up to now to print this you would first have to determine all the possible ancestors of this person, and then manually generate a descendant report for each of these ancestors. By running this report we get all these reports generated in one go and a table of contents to boot !!

Differences to Descendant Reports

Some of these differences I would hope end up in Trunk/Core, as such there are bug/feature requests logged for these. If the bugs are marked resolved then they've been integrated and you can ignore the reference here, or better still ping me to remove this reference or edit this page your self and remove it.

Detailed Descendant Report, Incorrect number sequence and printing of duplicates

See bug report 5259

Descendant Report traceback referencing NoneType person

See bug report 5252

Sample Detailed Descendant Book Dialog

Descendant Report, Suppress duplicate families

Depending on the filter chosen, a number of Descendant reports may be produced to generate the book, and as a result of this the exact same dependent family tree could get printed in more than one report. This is not an issue if only running one report, but for the purpose of this book it just means potential wasting of paper, and potential confusion. With this in mind, any report contained in the book after the first one which contains a family that has already been printed (including any/all descendants of that family), will not get printed in subsequent reports but instead will have a reference to the exact report and location in that report.

Detailed Descendant Report, Suppress duplicate individuals.

If an individual has been printed already in a previous report, instead of printing all that individuals details just provide a reference to the report and location in that report where their details can be seen. Kind of similar to the "Same as person" output seen at the moment, except it spans reports.

Detailed Descendant Report Report Reference Section

If an individual appears in more than one report, then a new section is printed under that person indicating all the reports this person appears in.


  1. Addition of a title page
  2. Addition of page numbers to Table of Contents (PDF/ODF only)
  3. If 2 can be done, then put page numbers in references as well.