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Berichte erstellen

Reports are the most common form of the output produced by genealogical research. The majority of genealogical software puts a lot of emphasis on developing nice looking reports. GRAMPS is no exception in this regard, offering a choice of a variety of reports. GRAMPS can generate reports in a multitude of open formats, both text based and graphical. GRAMPS can also produce screen based reports that are convenient for viewing a summary of your database. Finally, GRAMPS can generate a web site suitable for immediate posting on the Internet.

All reports can be accessed through the menu by choosing Reports ->Report Type ->Particular Report . Alternatively, you can browse the complete selection of available reports along with their brief descriptions in a Report Selection dialog invoked by clicking the Reports icon on the toolbar.

Bericht Einstellungen

The settings chosen when generating a report is stored in the users profile, in .gramps/report_options.xml, and will be used as default settings when generating the next report. If there is a need to revert to the default options for any reason, this file can simply be deleted.


All of the reports are almost infinitely flexible. If you wish to modify or extend the default format of GRAMPS reports, you can design and choose the style for each of your reports. GRAMPS provides an advanced interface for customizing practically every aspect of report-styles, e.g. for fonts: type face, size, color and style; for paragraphs: alignment, background color, indentation, spacing, and borders.

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