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Reporting bugs

The recomended way to report a bug is to use the Gramps Bug Tracker, see How to report bugs. This allows the Gramps Developers to follow a formal method of tracking and resolving your report. Due to the high volume of email that the primary developers receive, there is always a chance that an email may slip through the cracks. Using the bug tracker will make sure that your issue will be handled.

Bug reports submitted, directly to the Gramps Bugs mailing list are not recommended.

Requesting enhancements

Requesting an enhancement can be done either through the gramps-users or gramps-devel mailing lists, or by creating a feature item on the bug tracker. We would prefer that serious requests get submitted to the bug tracker. You switch to Project: Feature Requests on the top right head corner, and select Report Issue. Again, this allows us to formally track the request.

Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists on various topics related to Gramps:

If the Sourceforge site is too slow to your liking, use the copy of the mailing lists stored on

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Please feel free to drop by on channel #gramps over at server. All users and developers are welcome!

You can use the freenode Web IRC to connect if you do not have an IRC client.

Copyright infringements

Please, mail the Developers mailing list (subscribe first) with the wiki page containing the infringement, as well as the manner of infringement.