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For anyone needing support using Gramps open source genealogy software, please visit the Gramps Forum, powered by Discourse. Our community will gladly help you.

Reporting bugs

The recommended way to report a bug is to use the Gramps Bug Tracker, see How to report bugs. This allows the Gramps Developers to follow a formal method of tracking and resolving your report. Due to the high volume of email that the primary developers receive, there is always a chance that an email may slip through the cracks. Using the bug tracker will make sure that your issue will be handled.

Submitting a Bug Report directly to the Gramps Bugs mailing list is not recommended. However, if you are having problems isolating a bug or suspect that your issue is a known bug, the mail-list is a forum that might help.

Requesting enhancements

Requesting an enhancement, we would prefer that serious requests get submitted to the bug tracker. This allows us to formally track the request. Create a feature request on the Gramps Bug Tracker, you switch to Project: Feature Requests on the top right corner, and select Report Issue.

Alternatively you can informally ask through the gramps-users or gramps-devel mailing lists, but as mentioned use the bug tracker to create a feature request please.

Wiki, Website/Blog

The Gramps Wiki documentation is a community project. If you notice that documentation is: outdated, incomplete, entirely missing, or not yet translated into your native language; request a WikiContributor account and help us improve!

Editing MediaWiki pages can be a frustrating skill to learn. After logging in to your account, you can start by raising questions or making suggestions on the Discussion pages. We'll help you with the actual editing while you learn the tools.

Reporting problems with the contact applications

For problems relating to the Gramps site and the applications used to support Gramps, contact the Webmaster or raise the issue on the developer maillist described below.

Mailing lists

Mailing Lists, also known as MailLists, are (often uncensored & unmoderated) systems of exchanging mass Email messages. The messages from validated subscribers are also archived and made available for searching.

There are several older mailing lists on various topics related to Gramps ( but we recommend joining the forum below):


The Gramps user community maintains an active presence in a variety of online forums. For many years, the 'official' (monitored and maintained by Gramps volunteers) support channel used a series of MailLists for simple text communications. Beginning in 2020, most of the 'official' support traffic started passing through an online forum powered by the Discourse platform which added the ability to include illustrations, formatting and corrections. The MailList became a 'legacy' support system that boasts extensive archives of discussion threads.


  • Discourse forum for Gramps: You can use the forum to discover tutorial videos, ask questions and get help from the Gramps community. It is also a great place to keep up-to-date with the latest development plans. Feel welcome to have a look anonymously or sign up for an account so that you can interact.


There are also some independently operated groups:

Chat Room

You have two options.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Please feel free to drop by on channel #gramps over at server. All users and developers are welcome!

You can use the Libera Chat Web IRC to connect if you do not have an IRC client.

Some IRC guides:

Matrix Chat room

A Gramps Matrix chat room is available

Or download Element IM, which is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS see:

Copyright infringements

Please, mail the Developers mailing list (subscribe first) with the wiki page containing the infringement, as well as the manner of infringement.

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