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== Issues ==
== Issues ==
* {{bug|10473}}: [Clipboard Gramplet] Assorted issues
* ??
** does not always display the text description of the item
** not persistent across sessions for all types.
** when empty the context menu shows a blank menu
* {{bug|8987}} Error when loading Clipboard gramplet
;Feature request:
;Feature request:

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Clipboard Gramplet - detached - example

The Clipboard Gramplet is similar to the builtin Clipboard except that it provides a way to create collections of objects which are persistent over time.


You can select multiple items from any of the Category list views and drag and drop them onto the Clipboard Gramplet.

To delete entries, select them and press the delete key.

Double-click selections to bring up the object editor.

Select one (or more) items, and then right-click gives the following context popup menu options:

  • See Item details - will show the first selected item in an editor
  • Make Item active - will make the first selected item active in the item view
  • Create Filter from selected Items - will turn all of the selected items (which are of the same type as the first selected item) into a filter

Clipboards will remain persistent between sessions, and you can mix items from different databases. However, you can't drag and drop items from one database into another.

You can sort the columns (type, title, and value) of the gramplet.

Clicking on the title of the gramplet allows you to rename the frame.

You can watch the Clipboard Gramplet in action(Created:2010/07/29).


  •  ??
Feature request
  • allow control+c to copy items to the clipboard ???
  • enable search (add to ScratchPad) ???
  • grey out unavailable rows, rather than removing text ???
  • help button links to wrong page (non existent section) instead of this page

See also

  • Using the Clipboard - The built in Clipboard whose storage is persistent only within a single Gramps session. Closing the window will not lose the stored records. However, exiting Gramps will.