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This page is intended for users who wish to share their custom census definitions with other members of the Gramps community.

Guidelines for submitters

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting custom definitions for testing:

  • The id for each census should be unique and follow existing naming conventions.
  • Attribute names should be consistent with other definitions for the country/region.

Instructions for testers

You can test any file in the following section by downloading the test.xml file and placing it in your Census plugin directory.


Do not test with your research data. If definitions change, you will have to manually update your census entries.


This section is for definitions submitted by users. Feel free to add entries to this section.


Files in this section have not been reviewed and are subject to change.

Description Keys Download Contact
Various US State Definitions IA1856, IA1885, IA1905, IA1915, IA1925, KS1865, KS1875, KS1885, KS1895, MN1895, MN1905, MO1876, WI1905 test.xml Allen Crider