Animal pedigree

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You can use GRAMPS also to keep track of the pedigree of breed animals. Note however that no special provisions are available for this. Eg, a bull will have countless families, and numerous children, for which the GRAMPS interface is not really designed.

Animal translation file

For easy working with animals in GRAMPS, it helps if some terminology is changed. That is

  • Person -> Animal
  • Family -> Flock
  • ...

User .... created a custom translation file to make navigation on GRAMPS more natural while entering your sheep breeding information

How to install the animal translation file

NOTE: this is a hack! Use with caution.

  • Adaptation is done on the source code, by overwriting a language-country code you don't need. So first, you need to [[Brief_introduction_to_SVN|get the source code]. Download with those instructions the source code of version 2.2.
  • Next ....
  • Then ...