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Ancestor Report

This report generates the chart of people who are ancestors of a Person.

Tree Options tab

Tree Options tab

The Center Person is chosen here. The Active person will be the default.

With the input field Generations you can change the number of generations considered.

Display unknown generations will allow you to select how many generations of empty boxes to display when unknown ancestors are found.

Here is also the check box Compress tree.

Display tab

Display tab

This tab allows you to determine the Main Display Format to be used for the report (see Substitution Values). The Center person of the report will always use this format.

Use Main/Secondary Display Formats for: give these three options:

  1. Everyone uses the Main Display format
  2. Mothers use Main, and Fathers use the Secondary
  3. Fathers use Main, and Mothers use the Secondary

Secondary tab

Secondary tab

This tab allows you to determine the Secondary Display Format (see Substitution Values). This will only be used if specified on the display tab. This is most useful if you wish to have fathers or mothers display an extra marriage information or any other information that is shared between the couple.

Include Marriage information specifies to display an extra box between a father and mother that contains marriage information. The Marriage Display Format specifies what will print in this box.


Print tab

The first two options (Scale report to fit and one page report) are better described in Page size options with tips for making nicer reports.

And options to display :

  • Report Title
  • Print a Border
  • Print Page numbers
  • Include Blank pages

Note tab

Note tab

This tab allows you to add a note to one of the corners of the report.

“$T” within the report will display the day that the report was made. Regular date formatting (see #Substitution Values) applies.

Currently a note will be attached to a corner. If a person box writes over it, the note box will not move. Select another corner to see the note tab if this happens.