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(GBundle v.0.0.1)
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=====GBundle v.0.0.1=====
=====GBundle v.0.0.1=====
GBundle version 0.0.1 is first release of Gramps Software Bundle for Windows
[[Media:GBundle-0.0.1.zip | Gbundle-0.0.1]] is first release of Gramps Software Bundle  

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Gramps Software Bundle for Windows

This is work in progress...

Any files listed here is in development state and not suitable for normal use!
Any coment and help are welcom.

Gramps software bundle is all-in-one install package of Gramps dependencies on Windows platform

  • easy installation:
    • no searching web for appropriate package
    • one click install
  • no dependency hell:
    • all libraries can work one together
    • on upgrade version of library rebuild all others with that version
  • put all software Gramps needs in one package:
  1. all core non-python library and aplications
  2. any optional non-python library and aplications
  3. python bindings for core libraries
  4. python bindings for optional libraries
  • use NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
  • work on first task is started

Software release:

Test your installation

GBundle v.0.0.1

Gbundle-0.0.1 is first release of Gramps Software Bundle

gtk 1.16.6
webkitgtk 1.1.23
Known bugs
no icons
no translations (help would be appreciate to solve this)