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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
Unless otherwise stated on this page, you can download this addon by following these instructions.
Please note that some Addons have prerequisites that need to be installed before they can be used.
This Addon/Plugin system is controlled by the Plugin Manager.

Marriage missing date.

When a marriage does not have a date, then the actual marriage will not show as connecting lines on the view.
Just add a date to make the marriage union visible.

The Timeline pedigree View shows a pedigree and also the timeline for each person's life. The Timeline Pedigree View displays descendants as well as ancestors.


  • Select the Charts Category
  • Select the Timeline pedigree icon from the toolbar
  • The following keyboard command works on the view
    • F2 : Display home person if set.

Context Menus

Two different context menus (via right-click) are available. The context is based on whether a Person box is indicated or not.

Blank section

Fig. Addon.1 Blank area Context Menu

Using the context menu on a blank section of the canvas will allow you to adjust and change various options( see Fig. .2)

  • Home re-center on the home person
  • RadioButton Deselected.pngShow images
  • RadioButton Deselected.pngShow marriage data
  • RadioButton Selected.pngOrder by timeline
  • RadioButton Selected.pngShow life span
  • Mouse Scroll direction
    • RadioButton Deselected.pngTop<->Bottom use with Shift modifier key
    • RadioButton Selected.pngLeft<->Right default - no modifier key
  • Descendant Generations
    • select from 1 to 9 generations
  • Ancestor Generations
    • select from 1 to 9 generations
  • About Timeline Pedigree View (this wiki page)

Person box

Fig. Addon.2 Timeline pedigree View - Addon for Chart Category - display example

Using the context menu on a person box will show additional options (see Fig. .1)

  • «name of indicated person» re-center on this person
  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Spouses
    • list of spouses
  • Siblings
    • list of siblings
  • Children
    • list of children
  • Parents
    • «name of indicated person's father»
    • «name of indicated person's mother»
  • Related
    • list of family members where person is a child

repeat of the Blank Section context menu