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The HtmlView Addon is no longer used. The addon was created as a prerequisite for the original Geography views in the Gramps 3.x. version. However, the developer determined that the dependencies consumed too many resources in the Windows port... so more efficient alternatives were implemented.

Before conversion to an Addon, it was part of the Gramps core plugins and was known as the Web Category from the 3.2 to 4.1 Versions. This Category was hidden by default.

Html View

The Html View (Web Category) allows you to browse web pages from within Gramps.

Simply type the web address, and the page will be displayed in the normal way.


In order to use the Html View:

  • You must ensure that the webkit version 3.0 module is installed


Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04 only:


Once installed the new Web Category will appear in the navigator.


The original Geoview using the HTML View backend
Lxml Gramplet output Viewed via the Gramps HTML view addon
  • Gramps is not a web browser …. yes?, December 10th, 2008, by Benny (originally supported two backends WebKit or Mozilla ( gtkmozembed ).)
  • HTML view 2015,...This module was linked to the old geography view before 3.3...I'll move it into the third-party addons repository..
  • 8023 HTML view fails to load
  • 11628 ..This addon is not any more supported...It will never work on windows because dependencies are too heavy ( the size of the package)...It can work only on linux if you install the prerequisite packages....This addons was created for the geography views in gramps 3.x...
  • GEPS_029:_GTK3-GObject_introspection_Conversion#WebKit_for_Htmlrenderer - The htmlview requires WebKit. Introspection bindings for this is available, in Ubuntu package gir1.2-webkit-3.0
  • Linux:Build_from_source#Linux_package_requirements - python-webkit python-gtkmozembed (WebKitgtk pywebkitgtk) Required for the HTML view
  • Code on Github addons-source/tree/master/HtmlView the comments mention:
    • Html Renderer - Can use the Webkit or Gecko ( Mozilla ) library
    • We use firstly webkit if it is present. If not, we use gtkmozembed.