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Census Definitions

This page shows supported definitions for the Census Addons.

The following are supported census definitions, included with the Census Addons download.

Full list of codes is shown below.

England and Wales

Code Description
UK1841 1841 England and Wales Census
UK1851 1851 England and Wales Census
UK1861 1861 England and Wales Census
UK1871 1871 England and Wales Census
UK1881 1881 England and Wales Census
UK1891 1891 England Census
UK1901 1901 England Census
UK1911 1911 England Census
CY1891 1891 Wales Census
CY1901 1901 Wales Census
CY1911 1911 Wales Census


Code Description
SC1841 1841 Scotland Census
SC1851 1851 Scotland Census
SC1861 1861 Scotland Census
SC1871 1871 Scotland Census
SC1881 1881 Scotland Census
SC1891 1891 Scotland Census
SC1901 1901 Scotland Census


Code Description
IE1901 1901 Ireland Census
IE1911 1911 Ireland Census


Code Description (Key=Recensement)
- 1774 French Census
FR1790 1790 French Census
FR1793 1793 (An II) French Census
FR1796 1796 (An V) French/Belgian Census
FR1801 1801 (An X) French/Belgian Census
FR1806 1806 French/Belgian Census
- 1817 French Census
FR1820 1820/1821 French Census
FR1826 1826 French Census
FR1831 1831 French Census
FR1836 1836 French Census
FR1841 1841 French Census
FR1846 1846 French Census
FR1851 1851 French Census
FR1856 1856 French Census
FR1861 1861 French Census
FR1866 1866 French Census
FR1872 1872 French Census
FR1876 1876 French Census
FR1881 1881 French Census
FR1886 1886 French Census
FR1891 1891 French Census
FR1896 1896 French Census
FR1901 1901 French Census
FR1906 1906 French Census
FR1911 1911 French Census
FR1921 1921 French Census
FR1926 1926 French Census
FR1931 1931 French Census
FR1936 1936 French Census
FR Local Census (not national)


Code Description
- 1814 Belgian/French Census
- 1829 Belgian/Nederland Census
BE1846 1846 Belgian Census
BE1856 1856 Belgian Census
BE1866 1866 Belgian Census
BE1880 1880 Belgian Census
BE1890 1890 Belgian Census
BE1900 1900 Belgian Census
BE1910 1910 Belgian Census



Code Description
US1790 1790 US Census
US1800 1800 US Census
US1810 1810 US Census
US1820 1820 US Census
US1830 1830 US Census
US1840 1840 US Census
US1850 1850 US Census
US1860 1860 US Census
US1870 1870 US Census
US1880 1880 US Census
US1890 1890 US Census
US1900 1900 US Census
US1910 1910 US Census
US1920 1920 US Census
US1930 1930 US Census
US1940 1940 US Census


The following definitions are currently available for testing:

Schedules are the Nonpopulation Census Records such as the Agriculture, Mortality, Industrial-Manufactures, 1850 & 1860 Slave Schedule, 1890 Veterans Schedule, and 1900 & 1910 Special Inquires Relating to Indians. For a more complete list and blank forms see the National Archives

Code Description
US1850-A 1850 Agricultural Schedule
US1890-V 1890 US Veterans Schedule


State censuses were often taken in the years between the federal censuses.

More information about these census can be found in the publication State Censuses by the United States Department of Commerce, 1948.

Code Description
CO1885 1885 Colorado Census
IA1844 1844 Iowa Census
IA1851 1851 Iowa Census
IA1856 1856 Iowa Census
IA1885 1885 Iowa Census
IA1895 1895 Iowa Census
IA1905 1905 Iowa Census
IA1915 1915 Iowa Census
IA1925 1925 Iowa Census
KS1865 1865 Kansas Census
KS1875 1875 Kansas Census
KS1885 1885 Kansas Census
KS1895 1895 Kansas Census
KS1905 1905 Kansas Census
KS1915 1915 Kansas Census
KS1925 1925 Kansas Census
MN1875 1875 Minnesota Census
MN1885 1885 Minnesota Census
MN1895 1895 Minnesota Census
MN1905 1905 Minnesota Census
MO1868 1868 Missouri Census
MO1876 1876 Missouri Census
NY1855 1855 New York Census
NY1865 1865 New York Census
NY1875 1875 New York Census
NY1892 1892 New York Census
NY1905 1905 New York Census
NY1915 1915 New York Census
NY1925 1925 New York Census
NC1784 1784-1787 North Carolina Census
SD1905 1905 South Dakota Census
SD1915 1915 South Dakota Census
SD1925 1925 South Dakota Census
SD1935 1935 South Dakota Census
SD1945 1945 South Dakota Census
WI1855 1855 Wisconsin Census
WI1865 1865 Wisconsin Census
WI1875 1875 Wisconsin Census
WI1885 1885 Wisconsin Census
WI1895 1895 Wisconsin Census
WI1905 1905 Wisconsin Census


Code Description
CA1851EW-A 1851 Canada East and West Census: Personal Census
CA1851EW-B 1851 Canada East and West Census: Agricultural Census
CA1861EW 1861 Canada East and West Census
CA1871 1871 Canadian Census
CA1881 1881 Canadian Census
CA1891 1891 Canadian Census
CA1901-1 1901 Canadian Census: Schedule 1
CA1901-2 1901 Canadian Census: Schedule 2
CA1906 1906 Canadian Census: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
CA1911 1911 Canadian Census
CA1911-A1 1911 Canadian Census: Schedule A1
CA1916 1916 Canadian Census: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta

For Canadian censuses, there is a special gramps database included with this package called CanadaCensus.gramps. This database may be safely imported into your database and contains source definitions matching the above list and repository definitions with Internet links to free websites that hold these censuses in various formats.