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The [ ]Raw Export option checkbox on the Choose the output format page


The Raw Export adds an option to the Export Assistant feature. The option dumps your SQLite3 (default database engine since Gramps 5.1) or BSDDB (Gramps database; into a raw Python object representation format for low-level manipulation.

This uses the object string conversion representation returned from Python's repr() built-in function. It is similar to the str() function but intended for internal use rather than display. It can be useful for printing an element regardless of its type.

Raw output has been used for byte-wise comparisons to make sure that different import/export functions process the data correctly.


Start an export via the menu Family Trees > Export... and on the Export Assistant dialog select the Next button to get to the Choose the output format page where you can select the [ ]Raw Export option checkbox.

Example output

The output file [filenamename].raw can be opened and viewed in a text editor. Here is a sample using the Example.gramps family tree:

note: b39feeac1a202b44e76 ('b39feeac1a202b44e76', 'N0012', ('How did he die? We need to find out!\n\nPerhaps we find info in the new york library', [((5, ''), '#ff0909', [(16, 36)]), ((0, ''), None, [(62, 74)]), ((2, ''), None, [(0, 3)]), ((6, ''), '#fbd50a', [(62, 74)]), ((4, ''), 14, [(16, 36)])]), 0, (10, ''), 1234371783, [], False)
note: ac380498bac48eedee8 ('ac380498bac48eedee8', 'N0001', ('Names can notes, too. This is a note for the alternate name of Louse Garner for Lewis Anderson Garner.', [((8, ''), 'gramps://Person/handle/GNUJQCL9MD64AM56OH', [(80, 101)])]), 0, (20, ''), 1185438865, [], False)
citation: e73a40d955f403d3fafddcfc646 ('e73a40d955f403d3fafddcfc646', 'C2854', (0, 0, 0, (6, 6, 1841, False), '6 Jun 1841', 2393628, 0), 'House of Garner', 2, 'e73a3fdc8ce67c82dbf7485ba92', [], [], [], 1588983638, [], False)
citation: e73a41d73a065efcf7ce001e9a8 ('e73a41d73a065efcf7ce001e9a8', 'C2855', (0, 0, 0, (6, 6, 1841, False), '6 Jun 1841', 2393628, 0), '', 2, 'e73a3fdc8ce67c82dbf7485ba92', [], [], [], 1588983742, [], False)
tag: bb80c229eef1ee1a3ec ('bb80c229eef1ee1a3ec', 'complete', '#076780873bf0', 1, 1288512479)
tag: bb80c2b235b0a1b3f49 ('bb80c2b235b0a1b3f49', 'ToDo', '#efb60c280c28', 0, 1288512442)

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