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View omits Places without coordinates

Note that, as all Geography View modes, ONLY the Places with a defined Longitude & Latitude will be plotted.

Ancestors Map Geography view

This Geography Category addon view mode plots tagged pins on a Map at the Places associated with Ancestors of the Home Person.

Ancestors Map is an interactive Charts Geography category view addon that overlays pins for certain known Places on downloaded Map tiles.


Change the designated Home Person before changing to the Geography Category view to map the Event Places associated with a different Person's Ancestors.

There are 4 pin types:
Still looking for correct pins. The maps us left-handed versions of the normally right-handed magnifying glass.

Pin Description Place types
Gramps-zoom-in.png Zoom-in Magnifying glass Places with Birth Events
Gramps-zoom-out.png Zoom-out Magnifying glass Places with Death Events
Gramps-zoom-best-fit.png Magnifying glass pins with an X Places with Marriage Events
Gramps-geo-mainmap.png Green Push pins Places with multiple Event types

Right-click on a map pin to reveal a pop-up menu listing the Events & People at that Place.


You can set up a multi-stage of filter that show only Places for Ancestors & configure the Places view to show the Longitude & Latitude. This will tell you how many of Ancestor related Places will be omitted from being map plotted.

For this multi-stage custom filter, create the following Cascade of custom filters:

  1. Person custom Filter "ActivePerson" using the "Active Person" add-on rule. (New incredibly useful add-on Rule. It makes Filters MUCH more dynamic. Thanks Paul!)
  2. Person custom Filter "ActiveAncestors" using Ancestral filter "Ancestors of <filter> match"; filter=ActivePerson {You might add a 2nd rule to include the Active person where "At least one rule must apply". Otherwise, the Events & Places of the Active Person might be omitted}
  3. Places custom Filter "ActiveAncestorEvents" using General filter "Events of persons matching the <person filter>"; person filter=ActiveAncestors
  4. Places custom Filter "ActiveAncestorEventPlaces" using General filter "Places of events matching the <event filter>"; event filter=ActiveAncestorEvents


Shared by Serge Noiraud