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#REDIRECT [[Addon:SyncAssociation#Add_Types_to_the_Sync_Association_Gramplet]]
How do I add a new relationship Type to the [[Addon:SyncAssociation|SyncAssociations]] tool?
== Not for the casual user ==
The list of Association Types was not designed to be changed via the interface. (It was intended for a specific Association and does not '''''have''''' any interface.) But you can manually change the Gramplet code as a temporary hack.  Unfortunately, the next time that Gramplet is updated, any temporary hacks will be wiped out.
To add more ‘official’ reciprocal relationship will take time. The quickest turnaround would be for users to manually change the Association Types in the system and, once they have verified the the Types as functioning, then submit the patched line of associations as an Enhancement Request.
== What variations of Syncs can be added? ==
Associations can be symmetrical or reciprocal.  That is to say, the relationship is described the same way from either side (co-workers) or inverse/mirror of one another (guardian and ward)
As an example, perhaps you want to log the Association of a [https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Namesake Namesake] to their [https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Eponym Eponym].  The Junior-Senior namesake relationships are implied via the Name Suffix and loosely refined via the Family relationship.  But namesakes that skip a generation (or are honoring a famous person/thing) are more easily tracked via Associations.  It sure would be nice for there to be less work to set the Reciprocal Association.
When considering Associations, note that they do not have a datespan. So logged Associations should probably be limited to those that are expected to be lifelong.
== The Hack ==
If you go to line 57 of syncAssociations.py you will see:
"cM": "cM",
"DNA": "DNA",
"Godfather": "Godchild",
"Godmother": "Godchild",
"Landlord": "Tenant"
You need to add lines with a similar format (quoted string then colon then quoted string then comma)
Once the new Associations Types have tested and work as expected, submit an [https://gramps-project.org/bugs/my_view_page.php enhancement request].
== See also ==
* Gramps {{man version}} Manual - [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_1#Associations| Entering and Editing: Associations]]
*[[Roles,_Relationships_%26_Associations|Roles, Relationships & Associations]]
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Paste the raw '''[[:Category:Tutorials|Tutorials]]''' outline for the '''[[:Category:How_do_I...|How Do I...]]''' article above the '''See also''' section. This might start with pasting in a copy of a useful thread from one of the Gramps maillists.
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Finding a ''[[Gramps_Glossary|Gramps Glossary]] term'' to link may be easier than choosing the best introductory section in the wiki.
  <small>&#91;&#91;Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]]
  &#91;&#91;Gramps_Glossary#P|Primary Object]]</small>
Glossary terms (like [[Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]] above) are normally lowercase and use an underscore between words. They have a brief description and may already have the introductory text and practical tutorial linked. You can fall back to the Letter index (like using '[[Gramps_Glossary#P|P]]' with [[Gramps_Glossary#P|Primary Object]] above) if you don't know the exact entry.
Since most of these ''How do I...'' tutorials are likely to have been prompted by a MailList discussion, a set of example 'See also' link are included for reference.
Pointing the ''maillist archived thread'' link to the original message that inspired the tutorial give proper credit for the idea &amp; reveals the background discussion.
Pointing another link to a good search phrase for the archive allows similar discussions to be explored.
Once the tutorial Preview is satisfactory, save a revision of the document. Then clean out the virtual Copy&amp;Paste clipboard cluttering up your tutorial and save a final revision.
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[[Write_a_%22How_Do_I...%22_Article|Writing a 'How do I...' article.]]
{{subst:Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Preface}}
== (Section) ==
Stub, english (''default'')
Stub, french
=== Embeddable Snippets (Subsection) ===
: {{icon|gram}} Dashboard
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: {{icon|medi}} Media
: {{icon|note}} Notes
:[[Template:Icon/doc|more of the standard icons]]
|+ List object tools
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[[File:ChartsCategory-desendantfan-fullcircle-9gen-default-50.png|thumb|right|450px|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} A screenshot caption]]
====== Annotations of User Activities  (Level 4 Subsection) ======
*<pre>Commands you type at the command line</pre>
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*{{man label|Labels}} for buttons and other portions of the graphical interface
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*Menu selections look like this: {{Man menu|Menu &#x27a1; Submenu &#x25B6; Menu Item}} (always pad unicode symbols like these arrows with spaces so that robot translators see recognizable words)
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*<tt>Anything you type in</tt>
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{{man warn|1=WarningTitle/Heading |2=warning text }}</onlyinclude>

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