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Accessibility support


  • KDE:

Into Glade

  • Gtk label

GtkLabel automaticaly generates accessibility keys on next GtkEntry and UndoableEntry fields. Remember that Gramps also uses custom widgets like StyledTextEditor and ValidatableMaskedEntry, which do not provide relation with a GtkLabel.

  • Toggle buttons and Icons on toolbar

Gramps often uses toogle buttons and alone image (no label), this excludes blind people and generates a poor interface for accessibility.

Think on accessibility support when you use widgets without relation with a Gtk label or alone image on a toggle button, by adding:

<property name="AtkObject::accessible-name" translatable="yes" comments="">Name access</property>
  <relation type="labelled-by" target="label209"/>

Into python


# mark the root of this window with its PID so we can easily identify it
# as this app
root_atk = atk.get_root()
label_acc = label_widget.get_accessible()
entry_acc = entry.get_accessible()
label_acc.add_relationship(atk.RelationType.LABEL_FOR, entry_acc)
entry_acc.add_relationship(atk.RelationType.LABELLED_BY, label_acc)

Bugs and feature requests

  • #3069: GtkTreeView is very slow / crashes with Assistive Technologies / ATK / a11y enabled [1]
  • #5301: ATK support [2]